Customer Testimonials

What are people saying about ProScan.  Read some of the testimonials from customers below

I've been scanning for the past 30 years and currently have a BCD396XT.  The new scanning technology is great, but they are almost impossible to manage without good software.  I've tried all of the software that works with this scanner and after evaluating them I've settled on ProScan.  I believe it has the best user interface and most complete feature set.  I've reached this conclusion after using ProScan almost every day for more than a year.  Without hesitation I recommend ProScan.
        Randy - Los Angeles

I just wanted to comment on how pleased I am with the ProScan program.  It is everything I was looking for in a scanner control program and has greatly enhanced my scanning listening pleasure.  Being able to share the scanner over IP to other users has also brought a great deal of pleasure.  Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work!
        Hal B.

I just downloaded ProScan.  This program came right up and is being used with my BCD996T and BC15T.  Everything works great and Remote Scanner over IP really adds a great capability to the product!

Incredible software! I am still in my 30 Day trial, but 30 minutes into day One I decided I was going to buy this.  Extremely User friendly, awesome logging and recording features.  Of all the 780 programs I have seen, this by far is the Best (for me)

Outstanding Program.  Thank you!
        Steve in NE Texas

This product saved me.  I was within less than 30 minutes of packing my scanner up and sending back.  Awesome.
        John S.

I have certainly enjoyed using your software.  It is fantastic.  I like the other versions from other developers, but yours is outstanding and runs nearly 24/7 on my server computer.  The only time I take it offline is for software upgrades, during lightning storms or when I go out of town about once a month.

The new features for ProScan look interesting.  I am anxious to check them out.  I was surprised to see the session manager feature.  I've never thought about that concept.  You are one innovative fellow!
        Phil J.

First reaction: Awesome.  Easy to config - works fine.  ScanCast was a piece of cake to config for my (pre-existing) www.ScanAmerica.US feed. I simply moved the feed info, from what they gave me (with their oddcast) over to your Proscan provided Oddcast config page - no problem.  I now use Proscan to stream to www.ScanAmerica.US - works great.
        Pete - Avon, Colorado

I am really excited to see the good work you have done on Proscan.  I live in the interior of British Columbia Canada and have very limited Internet access, (Satellite connection) very narrow band width.  I was really surprised that I was able to use the system at all.  Thanks again for the good work now if I could get some Canadians to get on board.  Cheers
        Bob R.

Pardon my blundering, I had no idea such a powerful tool existed in PS.  Mostly I was attracted to your product for the professional appearance compared to the others.  Then, I "had to have" to recording feature.  All was well with a terrific product.  Then - I was simply exploring the software last night and came across the import/export tools.  Geez Bob, I think you need to charge more.

Anyway, I am one happy camper.  After scanning for 35 years this is really like a big bowl of candy to me.  You are "the man"!

Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.  I will be purchasing this software.
        Frank in San Diego