Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does ProScan or RadioFeed do this or that?
A: The best way to find out is to download ProScan or RadioFeed and try it.  Your questions may be answered by using ProScan.  If still in doubt then email or post the question.

Q: Can I run multiple copies of ProScan or RadioFeed on one computer?
A: Yes.  Many instances of ProScan or RadioFeed can run on the same computer.  Copy the contents of the ProScan or RadioFeed folder to a new folder.  Change the Comm Port setting and other options specific to that instance.

Q: I can't control the scanner when I'm connected to a Remote Scanner Over IP server.
A: If you were given a password by the Server operator then you can control the scanner.  If you don't have a password, then you can monitor only.

Q: Do I need to purchase a ProScan license for this feature to work in the demo mode?
A: No.  The 30 day demo / trial is 100% fully functional.

Q: Can you do a version for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Raspberry Pi, Linux, etc.?
A: No.  It would take several years to do each and I would rather spend the time on ProScan & RadioFeed.

Q: Do I need to purchase another license if I upgrade to the latest ProScan version?
A: No.  Each license allows activation on two computers and is valid for all future releases.

Q: Should I run ProScan as administrator?
A: It's recommended that all instances of ProScan are not elevated to administrator.  However if you do run as administrator, then all instances of ProScan should run as administrator for the Sessions Manager to work.

Q: I can't find the config file or the logging files.
A: If ProScan is installed in the "\Program Files" or "\Program Files (x86)" folder AND running 64 bit OS AND not running ProScan in admin mode then Windows puts all program generated files in the VirtualStore folder located at C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ProScan

Q: When using the Web Server, the text tags don't appear in sync. with the audio.
A: The audio player network / latency buffer delays the audio.  To compensate, the Web Page has an option "Display & Metadata Delay".  Change it to the amount of audio delay so the text tags and display on the Web Page are in sync with the audio.  You may have to experiment to get it right.  If using an external player, the Player may have an option to decrease the amount of delay.  Search on-line for your type of media player to see if the network / latency buffering can be changed and how to change it. WinAmp (desktop) version seems to have the best latency that's about 3 seconds.

Q: How can I transfer a ProScan license from my old computer to a new computer?
A: On the old computer, go to the Tools menu then click on Remove Activation.  Now the new computer can be activated by going to the Tools menu then click on Enter Registration Key.

Q: Can I move the license to a new computer if the old computer was destroyed by, let's say, a hurricane?
A: If the old computer is no longer working, then send an email to

Q: Where can I find the Serial Port driver for my scanner?
A: The driver for these scanners: BCD325P2, BCD996P2, BCDx36HP, BCD536HP, & SDSx00, can be found here. Serial Port Driver  See the Serial Port Section.

Q: How can I automatically start streaming after the computer reboots?
A: Add a shortcut to the Windows Startup Group.  ProScan will start the Source Client, Web Server, and Remote Scanner Over IP (Server & Client) automatically if running when ProScan was closed.

Q: How can I stream multiple feeds at the same time?
A: By running multiple instances of ProScan

Q: Can you put a feed on-line?
A: I don't run the feeds.  I just make the software for others to run Remote Scanner Over IP feeds.

Q: Do I need to use Sentinel or the ProScan Favorites Editor for programming for the BCDx36HP and SDSx00 series scanners?
A: Sentinel is needed for firmware updates.  It's also needed for accessing the full HPDB (Uniden DB) (updated weekly for free) which is derived from the RRDB (Radio Reference DB).  If you're a Premium Radio Reference Subscriber, you can import directly from the RRDB in real time.  Sentinel is needed for Profile editing.  ProScan doesn't have a profile editor as it would be 100% duplication that couldn't be improved on.

ProScan has extra capabilities that I don't believe Sentinel has such as:
Q: I'm using the Source Client feature to stream audio to Broadcastify.  I'm experiencing intermittent dropped connections.
A: Intermittent connections could be caused by your computer, NIC card, cables, router, ISP, far end, etc.  It has been suggested by a few users to use a tool called PingPlotter to isolate where the problem is.

Ensure you're not using AVG Anti-Virus software as that will interrupt TCP traffic.

If using the BCD536HP Wi-Fi, click the URL Audio Setup button and see if excessive Packet Loss shows in the dialog.  Wi-Fi interference or a flaky Dongle could cause excessive packet loss.  Move the dongle and scanner to another location to see if the packet loss decreases.

These links may be helpful.
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Feed keeps dropping out
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Q: I'm trying to use the Recorder to record to a network drive. When ProScan is elevated to Admin., I don't see the network drive when I hit the Recordings Location button.
A: The Registry needs an entry.  See the section "To configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry value" in this link near the bottom EnableLinkedConnections registry value